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Sage CRM is our web-based business process and sales management solution. Used by thousands of organisations across the world, it lets you manage your sales, marketing and customer relations, and business processes without the never-ending paper chase.

At the click of a button you can analyse important data and synchronise activities — giving you a bird’s-eye view of what’s really going on. Armed with powerful business insights, decision-making becomes easier and communication between your team flows.

You can also choose painless, out-of-the box integration with Sage ERP products for financial visibility and because it’s Web-based, mobile workers can access critical data from anywhere.

Sage CRM's rapid route to success

Sage CRM offers customers a rapid route to success and value through its focus on ease of use, 24-hour access, simple customisation, seamless integration and fast, flexible deployment.

What sets Sage CRM apart?

Read a quick snapshot of why Sage CRM is one of the world’s best-selling CRM software solutions for small and medium-sized business and find out how to get it.

Integration with Sage ERP solutions for profitable decision making

Provide your sales, finance and operations teams with a holistic view of all customer interactions by taking advantage of Sage CRM’s ability to integrate with data stored in your ERP system.

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Gain valuable insights through the Interactive Dashboard

Sage CRM’s Interactive Dashboard lets sales, marketing and customer service staff view key metrics, graphical reports, 3D charts and real-time customer data at a super-quick glance.

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Generate quality reports and visuals for presentation and analysis

Viewable on any mobile device, Sage CRM’s ability to generate visually appealing charts and reporting information makes presenting the facts much clearer.

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Regulate business processes in a way that makes sense

Sage CRM’s workflow engine lets you design business processes which ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

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Mobilise your team when they’re working on the road

Staff can easily view and add information about customers, and get anywhere access to their calendar and contacts when travelling by tapping into Sage CRM’s communications management tool.

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Generate, track and measure e-campaign effectiveness

Create high-quality, targeted e-marketing campaigns that can be easily measured and channeled to deliver hot leads to your sales team.

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