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A complete financial suite

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate is a comprehensive, construction-specific business management system.

Use the accounting applications as a complete financial suite or integrate them with operational modules such as Estimating, Document Management or Project Management. By linking all of your accounting and operations functions together, allows you to streamline your processes to the max and put the critical areas of your business such as payroll, cash management or perhaps job costing to vendors into sharp focus. And with the modular design of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, you have the luxury of purchasing only what you need now and adding more functionality later when required.

Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate accounting applications include:

Accounts Payable

Take charge of the entire payables process — from the minute invoices come in your door, through the approval process, payment selection and check printing. Invoice entry is simple and efficient with a spreadsheet entry grid that can be navigated by keyboard or mouse. Payment selection is even easier with a process that can select invoices to pay by any criteria you define.

Accounts Receivable

Stay in touch with clients and on top of receivables to proactively manage your cash position. The solid capabilities of our construction accounting software make it simple to process cash receipts accurately and quickly. Automatically post payments to the oldest outstanding invoice or manually post individual invoices or items.


Use Billing to create free-form customer invoices at any time. Or take advantage of Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate integration to automatically produce time-and-material, cost plus, lump sum, progress billing, and unit-priced invoices based on your contracts. Automatically send billable costs from other Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate applications to Billing.

Cash Management

Easily view and track cash transactions generated in Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Accounts Payable, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Job Cost and Property Management applications and reconcile them with your company's bank statements and general ledger. Edit transactions entered into Cash Management, or go to the source to edit transactions originating from other Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate real estate or construction accounting software applications.

Equipment Cost

Supervise the details of equipment cost, revenue and usage to help you maximise your return on investment, then distribute equipment information throughout your Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate accounting processes with the fully integrated Equipment Cost module. Equipment records log all the essentials, including meter readings, license expirations, location, and more.

General Ledger

See the big picture as accounting information from other Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate real estate and construction accounting software applications flow seamlessly to General Ledger in a format customisable to fit your business. Tight integration ensures that

  1. subsidiary ledgers stay in balance,
  2. clear audit trails lead to original activity, and
  3. account reconciliation is fast and efficient.

Job Cost

Get complete control over job profitability. Integrated information access tools make certain that project information such as potential cost overruns, percent complete, units in place, and more are immediately available. Enter subcontracts and purchase orders directly into Job Cost, or import them from other programs, then track them against invoices for total control of committed costs. Job Cost allows you to manage every step of the change order process to ensure that your change orders are accurate, timely and profitable for your business.


Automatically process even the most complex construction payrolls. Information generated in Payroll flows throughout your accounting for cost analysis. Set the controls, then let Payroll transform timesheet entries to pay checks and costing information.

Remote Time Entry

Enhance payroll productivity and labour cost management. Enter labour information directly at the job site then transfer it electronically to the home office for efficient posting to the Payroll module of your construction accounting software. Time entry remote is designed for optimum use, so field personnel can accurately input labour information with minimal effort.

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