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CRM and ERP integration is designed to help automate and integrate key processes across your business and support you in managing the entire customer acquisition process. It’s about managing processes, and not just transactions. By integrating your business processes, Sage Accpac allows your staff to view and work with the same data. Time spent on re-entering and re-verifying data is saved and accuracy is improved, ensuring all departments have access to up-to-date data for a superior customer service experience.

Our ERP to CRM integration enables service and support staff to:

  • Measure customer satisfaction and benchmarking
  • Increase productivity of support representatives
  • Provide self service to customers for common issues
  • Ensure issues never “get lost between the cracks”
  • Monitor service performance against service level agreements
  • Enable customer issues to be tracked and responded to, regardless of who answered the phone or received the e-mail
  • Reduce customer support costs
  • Improve response times to customer service requests
  • Reduce hold times for customers requiring customer support
  • Reduce the average time to resolve an issue
  • Increase the number of queries resolved on first contact rate
  • Decrease the number of service escalations
  • Decrease the number of customer complaints received
  • Extend customer service through 24x7 self service options
  • Enable benchmarking / scorecarding of customer service operations on an ongoing basis
  • Increase customer retention
  • Decrease cost of customer retention
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