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CRM and ERP integration is designed to help automate and integrate key processes across your business and support you in managing the entire customer acquisition process. It’s about managing processes, and not just transactions. By integrating your business processes, Sage Accpac allows your staff to view and work with the same data. Time spent on re-entering and re-verifying data is saved and accuracy is improved, ensuring all departments have access to up-to-date data for a superior customer service experience.

Does integration mean I get more time to work on selling?

Sales professionals have access to relevant information, without having to leave their CRM screen; they can view customer data such as credit status, account balance, aged debtors, order history and turnover, and more, giving them greater flexibility in managing their accounts and enabling them to respond quickly to customer requests. Sales staff have access to complex pricing and discount data and functionality, normally held in the back-office system, enabling them to create accurate quotes and orders.

How does integration assist with my risk management?

Sales teams can readily understand which accounts have most potential for growth — or represent a credit risk. Debtor days can be reduced, as both your credit control team and your sales team have the financial information which enables them to chase outstanding debt.

What about improvements to our stocks and order status?

Sales staff can easily see the availability of stock across different locations and can check the real-time status of orders without having to rely on multiple, disparate systems or consulting colleagues who may not be available; enables sales staff to give accurate information to customers without frustrating delays, thereby improving customer service and driving customer loyalty. Alerts and notifications can be built in to ensure a timely response to significant events. Notifications can mark more routine yet important events, such as the arrival of a delivery which completes a customer order. Key customer information such as credit limits, buying patterns and queries are available to the account manager — improving customer communication and service and the visibility to chase overdue payments.

How does this integration help my sales pipeline?

The reporting functionality can be used by sales people and by management teams to access data for pipeline analysis and decision making. Using the pipeline management functionality, the sales teams can effectively analyse and manage their sales pipeline, from first contact to final sale. The ability to analyse customer information helps identify new opportunities within the existing customer base. Automated actions can be set up to help drive the sales process forward. Leads can be reassigned to ensure that they are followed up and that opportunities are maximised at all times.

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