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CRM and ERP integration is designed to help automate and integrate key processes across your business and support you in managing the entire customer acquisition process. It’s about managing processes, and not just transactions. By integrating your business processes, Sage Accpac allows your staff to view and work with the same data. Time spent on re-entering and re-verifying data is saved and accuracy is improved, ensuring all departments have access to up-to-date data for a superior customer service experience.

Does integration mean I get more time to work on selling?

CRM and ERP integration enables you to focus your marketing efforts on customers who are most likely to purchase; you can avoid running marketing campaigns to low potential or high credit-risk customers so you can maximise marketing budgets and increase return on marketing investment.

How does integration benefit our customer intelligence?

Customer intelligence in terms of their needs, preferences and lifestyle can be leveraged to strengthen the connection with them and increase the potential for profit over the lifetime of the relationship; notifications can be set to ensure you maximise on key events such as their birthday, anniversary or other purchase triggers.

Does integration assist with the quality of my data?

Using the marketing functionality, quality checks can be put in place by creating simple questionnaires. Integrated CRM and ERP allows customer and prospect data to be segmented based on key buying information, such as by product, seasonality etc. Customer information, such as buying trends, can be proactively used to target similar customers or prospects.

How does CRM and ERP integration improve campaign ROI?

Leads resulting from a campaign can be qualified by selected criteria for follow-up. Integrated marketing and follow-ups ensure that return on investment of a campaign is maximised. Workflow can be utilised to review the success of a campaign for future marketing planning.

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