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CRM and ERP integration is designed to help automate and integrate key processes across your business and support you in managing the entire customer acquisition process. It’s about managing processes, and not just transactions. By integrating your business processes, Sage Accpac allows your staff to view and work with the same data. Time spent on re-entering and re-verifying data is saved and accuracy is improved, ensuring all departments have access to up-to-date data for a superior customer service experience.

Is the integration fast to deploy?

CRM and ERP integration is fast to deploy, ensuring that you are up and running quickly for rapid ROI.

Why go with Sage ERP Accpac?

CRM and ERP integration eliminates the incompatibility risks that arise when integrating products from multiple vendors.

Is the integration limited to certain teams?

Using a standard Internet browser, authorised office-based staff, mobile teams, and remote employees can all access the data held on CRM and ERP integrated systems for ultimate business agility and productivity, as well as minimum IT overhead.

How is the data backed up?

Data can be backed up centrally on a regular basis across CRM and ERP systems. Key information can be made visible across the entire business.

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