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Look for your issue on the free Sage ACT! Knowledgebase

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Contact the friendly support staff at Sage

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Seek out the services of a Sage ACT! Certified Consultant

Our high-quality support offerings — both from our Technical Support staff and our Sage ACT! Certified Consultant community — ensure you always have an expert to call when you need to resolve a technical issue. Our Sage ACT! Certified Consultants can also provide you with customisation help, if and when you need it. The details of the Sage ACT! Support provided by Sage Business Solutions can be viewed in detail by contacting the Sage ACT! Support team.

Sage ACT! Support Eligibility

Sage ACT! Technical support is available if you are a registered user of Sage ACT! or an employee or authorised representative of a registered user; and

  • You can quote your Sage ACT! serial number;
  • Your system meets the minimum system requirements published with your software version; and
  • You have a valid VISA, MasterCard, or American Express credit card to be charged if required or you have an existing Sage ACT! Total Care support contract.

Supported Sage ACT! Versions

As part of SBS’s commitment to our clients, we undertake to support the current version and the two (2) most immediate previous versions of Sage ACT!. This ensures that as new releases become available, clients can upgrade at a time suitable to their business.

If support is required outside of these versions, the product must be upgraded prior to support being undertaken. Alternatively there is a comprehensive Sage ACT! knowledge base available for End Users to search and find answers to common problems.

Contacting Support

Our Support Centre is available between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm AEST* Monday to Friday (excluding Victorian public holidays).
* Australian Eastern Standard Time (GMT +10h)

Please contact Sage ACT! Support on
Australia: 1300 724 327
New Zealand : 0800 233 377

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