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Nov 23 2011
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Email Marketing 101: Why your business needs to be doing it

Email marketing allows small businesses to stretch their marketing dollars and reach their customers more effectively than with traditional marketing methods. The Direct Marketing Association's “Power of Direct” report found that email is bringing in $40.56 for every dollar spent in 2011. You should sit up and take notice when compared to catalog's ROI of $7.30 and internet display advertising's ROI of $19.72.

Email marketing not only generates tremendous ROI, it is more affordable than other marketing methods. Email marketing service providers such as Sage E-Marketing facilitate the email process for you and provide valuable reports that allow you to see how your email performed with your target audience. Reputable email marketing service providers also manage all of your unsubscribes, bounced emails, and keep you off of spam blacklists.

Small businesses we talk to are often unsure of how to start using email marketing or what to communicate with their audience. Other small businesses use emails to:

  • Inform customers of specials or sales
  • Tell customers about new product offerings
  • Provide helpful information about their industry to their contacts
  • Wish clients happy birthday or happy anniversary
  • Invite contacts to events or webinars
  • Provide case studies of their work to their audience
  • Make special announcements such as a new location or new hire

The examples above are just the beginning. Email marketing allows your business the freedom to be as creative as you like when communicating with your audience. Because the upfront costs are so low and the potential ROI is so high, there is no reason not to give email marketing a try. Sage E-marketing offers a 60 day free trial. Check it out today and see what email marketing can do for your business.

About our Guest Author

Swiftpage is a subsidiary of Summit 5, a software development company, whose founders have a passion for changing the way people communicate. Sage E-marketing for ACT! was designed to make email marketing one of the most cost-effective tools in a company's arsenal, simple and accessible to individuals and organizations of all types and sizes. Since its inception, Swiftpage has helped thousands of for-profit and non-profit organizations create, send and track the performance of email campaigns. In addition to it’s stand alone on-line email service Swiftpage is the first server-based email management system to be fully integrated into ACT!, the leading contact management system in the world.

For more information about Sage E-marketing for ACT!, read about it in the Sage ACT! section of our site. For more information about Swiftpage, click here to load a new tab or window and visit their website,

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reece harper
Wednesday, 30 November 2011
It's a great time to send a Christmas email to your clients now. At Database Partners we have designed free Christmas templates that we can import into your Sage ACT! Marketing account.
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